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Jeremy Ourso

Project Manager

Date: Nov./Dec. 2014

Location: VR 250-C


Experiences working with OTS


“No news was good news during the project.  I didn’t receive any negative feedback from our offshore Superintendents about the OTS personnel or equipment.  They were very efficient in their work and didn’t require any outside help.  They are very self-sufficient.”


“The Project Managers and Sales were very responsive to last minute requests & operational changes.   In our industry, this is one of the most important traits about a company.  OTS’ reaction time was top notch. “


Would you recommend OTS to others




“Of all the issues that arise during offshore salvage work, it is VERY relieving to not have to micromanage third-party vendors.  I will be using OTS again in the future.”

Greg Seipel

Construction Manager

Date: Dec. 2015


"I am very pleased with Offshore Technical Solutions personnel and the services provided for this project."  


"The personnel worked to maintain our schedule and successfully preformed all work without delays due to recuts or equipment downtime."


"Having Offshore Technical Solutions personnel onboard was a great experience!"