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OTS offers a full service machine shop that utilizes both manual and CNC equipment. This machinery enables us to achieve the highest quality parts attainable in the business


CNC Machinery

OTS implements the latest technology in CNC equipment to produce highest accuracy and quality in the shortest time frame. These machines can achieve tolerances and speeds that most conventional machinery falls short on.


Manual Machinery

OTS strives to offer a one stop shop for all machining projects. Conventional manual machines continue to play a large part in accomplishing this task. Small quantity and proto type parts are usually more suited for manual machines. Set-ups are quicker and parts can be turned out sooner. We also offer manual services that other machine shops in our area do not offer. One is our surface grinder that can cut extremely hard materials with relative ease as opposed to other alternatives.


Quality Program

The implementation of our quality control program, along with many years of experience make OTS the logical choice for all your machining needs.

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