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Inflatable Packers


Offshore Technical Solutions has linked their expertise in high pressure abrasive cutting to their new service line;  Inflatable Packers. OTS (Offshore Technical Solutions) has had a long history using inflatable packers in their abrasive cutting services.



Reliable...Dependable…Retrievable… Rugged…Innovative


Various Standard Packer Sizes Available to Service Casing Sizes 7” to 26”

Custom Size Packers Available

Our packers are built in a modular fashion. We can alter a packer on location to meet changing well conditions. Upon deflation, the packer returns to original O.D. for easy retrievability. The packer is easily inflated and deflated with pressure (no darts nor balls required), with rotational and pressure release options.

Call the Inflatable Packer specialists at OTS to discuss a solution to your bubbling well.