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External Pile Cutting

External pile Cutting

Oil rigs and other offshore work areas are often environments where use of explosives for cutting purposes could be dangerous. Abrasive water-jet cutting has no ignition source and is self-cooling, making it safe to use in potentially explosive environments. It is also safe for the environment and helps to leave the surrounding area in its natural state.

Water Abrasive Cutting

If you need to cut through steel structures that are submerged under water, we can help. We will give you the high-quality subsea cutting you need.

Subsea abrasive cutting services

We can help your company with deep commissioning and non-explosive decommissioning. Whether you need an offshore platform removed or platform decommissioning, we will provide you with the safe and convenient service you need.


We also can help in pipeline coating removal to help you get to the metal of your pipe.

Decommissioning services

Water abrasive cutting